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Since the launch of the Carbon Pro in the UK in 2012, the boat has received rave reviews. Drivers love its responsiveness and control - and most find themselves using the Gun Sight to help steer a perfect course too. Skiers love its strong, consistent pull and its soft wake. We particularly find slower speed skiers appreciate this soft wake. It is also proving to be the most fuel-efficient ski boat on the market today!

So, why is the Carbon Pro so good? It's what happens when you don't cut a single corner. Driven by the passion of Centurion owner, Rick Lee, and after consulting the world's best tournament drivers, Centurion poured the same skill and experience that first put Centurion on the map of professional three-event skiing into the all-new Carbon Pro. The unique Carbon Transfer construction yields an incredibly lightweight boat and low-impact hull that displaces less water, yielding a soft, flat wake and no spray for the best possible skier experience. It's this combination that is also delivering fuel efficiency.

That space-age foundation is complimented by a host of industry-leading innovations, from the millimeter-perfect pulls delivered by the all-new Gun Sight to the never-stop-training mentality of the counterbalance tank, which lets you enjoy tournament-quality sets even when it's just you and a driver. The Carbon Pro is a no-compromise three-event machine built for championship performance.

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While wakeboard boats have gotten longer and wider in the past few years, this Crossover Nautique 211 is a real throwback. It’s less than 21 feet long and less than 8 feet across with performance that actually attracts skiers, too, rather than frightens them away. Yet outfitted with the Team Edition package, we found the Crossover Nautique 211 to be a very versatile boat for riding. 

Hull: The Crossover Nautique 211′s design makes the most of its relatively narrow beam. It holds a line well, even at higher speeds, and has especially responsive tracking for a V-drive.

Ballast: Thet factory ballast system is good for beginners all the way up to intermediate wakeboarders on the verge of getting to the advanced level. And with a wakeboard boat this size, 625 makes a noticeable difference in the wakes.

Tower: With the Team Edition comes the Flight Control Tower, that ground-breaking design that Correct Craft has prided itself on. 

Wake shaper: This Crossover Nautique 211 comes standard with the Hydro-Gate, a device at the back of the wakeboard boat that raises or lowers to work with a dispersion tunnel in the hull. 

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