Our boats

Super Air Nautique G21 & Ski Nautique 200 at the dock

Here at Ellingham Waterski and Wakeboard Club, we are the proud owners of two world class competition boats. Super Air Nautique G21 for wakeboarding/wakesurfing and our ski boat, the Ski Nautique 200.

Super Air Nautique G21 wakeboard and surf boat

Thanks to Midlands Nautique, in 2019 we acquired a beautiful G21 in mint condition. With the legendary design and performance characteristics from the G-Series models, the G21 owns the 21-foot size-class. Every inch of space was purposefully designed to maximize storage throughout the boat. Providing comfortable seating arrangements for up to 14 people. The G21 produces world-class wakes and surf waves and Nautique have packed it with all the latest technology.

Ski Nautique 200 ski boat

Midlands Nautique supplied our brand new for 2022 season. Everyone at the club is really loving slalom ski, trick ski and beginner wakeboarding behind it!

Based upon one of the most decorated hulls in waterski history. The Ski Nautique 200 is a performance-first model with the track record to back it up. An AWSA tournament-approved towboat, the Ski Nautique 200 produces soft wakes for all ages and abilities and speaks to the Nautique purist in all of us.

Interior View

Ski Nautique 200 on the water

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