SBD2 Courses

Speed Boat Driver Level 2 (SBD2) Course

Who is it for?

The Ski Boat Driver Level 2 (SBD2) is designed for anyone who wishes to drive unassisted for water skiing and/or other associated disciplines and is for many, the starting point on the ski boat driver pathway. It is considered the benchmark standard to drive at clubs throughout the UK on both Inland and coastal ski sites.

It is a full day course.  This includes some training followed by your exam.


What will the course invole?

Prior to taking the course it is recommended that you have some experience driving boats and even towing skiers/riders as this would help with passing the course.

The course will test theoretical boat driving knowledge, practical assessment of boat handling skills and a 30 minute multiple-choice SBD2 examination.

The course will enable participants to feel confident and safely tow skiers/riders, manoeuvre a boat around the skier with the tow line in the water.  

What preparation or would I need before the course?

It is advantageous if candidates have previously studied the subject matter.  Therefore, it is recommended that candidates should read, and be familiar with, the SBD2 Assessment Handout and also Powerboating: The Rib & Sports boats Handbook by Peter White.

  • Be a current member of BWSW
  • Be aged 16 years or over
  • Have some experience of driving water skiers (under supervision).
  • Read, and be familiar with, the SBD2 Assessment Handout.
  • Read, and be familiar with, Peter White’s ‘Powerboating’ Book (Recommended)

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

The ICC is the European counterpart to the SBD2 qualification.  It is proof of competence to tow watersports in international waters.

It is required by many countries across Europe to work as a watersports instructor, or hire a speedboat.

What does it cost?


Speed boat Driver level 2 (SBD2) – £200 – Full Day + Reg Fees
International Certificate of Competence (ICC) – £40 – 1 Hour + Reg Fees

Registration Fees:

SDB2 Fee-only £40.00
ICC fee-only £40.00
SBD/ICC combined fee £70.00

2024 Course Dates

Further Dates to be announced:

If you would like to book a course, or have any questions then please email us: